When The Test Is Completed

Your technician will provide you with detailed instructions for how to disconnect at the end of the study .  Disconnection takes around 30 minutes. We will arrange pick up of your equipment within 24 hours of disconnection.  Once the equipment is returned to our office, please allow three to five business days for your results.

Prior To The Test

While AER does verify insurance, we encourage all patients to contact their insurance company directly to verify coverage. When you call your insurance company, you may be asked for our tax ID number, which is 20-0208328 and what "procedure codes" or "CPT" codes we will use which are 95951 and 95957.

Day Of Test

Please make sure to have your hair completely clean– no sprays or oils.  We recommend that you wear a button or zippered blouse or shirt.  You may want to prepare a scarf or hat to wear. Please make sure there is a flat surface near an outlet available in the room where the video equipment will be set up.  You may also be asked to show a photo ID and for a copy of your insurance card.

The initial set up of the equipment will take approximately 1.5 to 2 hours.