You may want to order an Ambulatory EEG following an inconclusive or nondiagnostic standard EEG to investigate episodic events where epilepsy is suspected but the history, examination, and routine EEG do not resolve the diagnostic uncertainties.


Another reason to order an extended, Ambulatory EEG is if you need to confirm epilepsy in those individuals experiencing suspected nonepileptic events or for classification of seizure type.


Physician’s also use our service as a way to differentiate between neurological and cardiac related episodes; to help adjust antiepileptic medication levels; to localize seizure focus for enhanced patient management; to identify and medicate absence seizures; to differentiate between epileptic and sleep disorder related episodes; and/or to evaluate seizures precipitated by naturally occurring cyclic events or environmental stimuli that are not reproducible in the hospital or clinic setting; as well as a host of other reasons


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